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Greetings from my heart to yours.

  Back in 2004, I founded CLY studio in Chelsea, New York. Ever since, CLY has shown substantial growth and advances in popularity, allowing me and my team to further expand our service in wedding photography.

The team and I worked enduring time to show you the better quality of our services and professions. We had been educated ourselves to achieve higher standards of Fine Art photography and cinematography. The privilege of documenting exceptional couples, like you, led us to today. Our photography expertise developed in time to provide you confident and emotional connection whoever sees our works.

We wanted our works to communicate with you by giving an ideal vision what to expect from us. Within a glimpse, we hoped to see you imagining how beautiful your once in a lifetime moment could ever be. Because you put so much time and effort into every detail in the wedding.

As the new year begins, it’s time for us to reorganize and carry this vibrant momentum in next chapter in the way of deeper level of commitment. Now, I’m proud to announce our rebranded name ‘HASEOK CHUNG STUDIO’ to you. We will continue to provide you the best quality of work, as we did in the past, and integrate with luxury, elegance, and mystical ambient light for more intense sensation.


Our devotion to the art continues.