CLY by Chung was established in 2004 and has grown in size and popularity over the past 10 years. We may be based in the heart of New York’s fashion district, but our artists who have experienced more than just the Empire State. 

This combination of fashion photography and photojournalism brings together an amazing eye for beauty, light and composition.Additionally, it creates and the ability to shoot the moments in between, like the wide-eyed smiles of guests or stolen kisses between a bride and groom. 

We have also expanded a branch, Cocona Story, to Seoul, which is South Korea’s capital and largest metropolis. These professional photographers have been handpicked by our very own team. We want to provide the opportunity for couples to experience their wedding in a culture very different than their own. 

These diverse backgrounds are what have shaped our studio into what it is today: a modern, photojournalistic wedding photography company. We follow a non-intrusive photojournalistic style for our weddings, which our clients (and their guests) very much appreciate. We concentrate not only on the big picture, but also we also take pride in capturing the sincere fleeting moments that evoke the senses – the very essence of photography.



NEW YORK, NY 10012